“I think I created the Outage.”


-u r dead 2 me i never wanna c u

It started with a stupid breakup text from one teen to another.

Who received the text? Brianna. Yes, a high school dropout, jobless, unmotivated teen who enjoys everything unrelated to becoming an adult gets the message.

The message fires Brianna to code an basic app in hopes to win her girl back, but in her excitement shares the app with a friend. The app quickly goes viral and Brianna watches her site counter increase into the hundred-thousands. The counter reads 997,999,999 The news reports ask for the developer to claim ownership, but Brianna fears society and hides in her room never claiming the app.

At 1 PM on a Friday, the Internet goes out and the Outage begins. The world collapses as society discovers that without the Internet life as they know it fails. Systems begin to crash, cell phones are meaningless, people enter a state of panic, business shut their doors, banks close and the government elevates to a high terror alert as they point to the Outage as a cyber attack.

Brianna knows after three days that something is wrong. She hears on the radio that the world is in chaos, riots are breaking out, and experts in San Fran are trying to reboot the entire system, but continue to fail at all attempts. As she sits in her room, she ponders her app and the Outage and the possibility of a life-changing road trip to San Fran to save the world and herself from total destruction.

Could she be the bug in the system?